Story of the castle and its inhabitants





Château du Boisrenault has been built from 1882 to 1896.


Mr Huard de Boisrenault gave it to his daughter, Marguerite, as a wedding gift. She married Vicomte Léonce de Maussabré.

They had two sons, and the youngest, Louis, kept leaving here with his wife : Denise.

Denise came from Belgium with her sister, Henriette, who was supposed to get married with Vicomte René Le Pelley du Manoir, who was leaving in St Pierre de Lamps, about 10 km away from Château du Boisrenault.

That's how Denise and Louis met and got married.


When Denise's nephew, Yves du Manoir (my grand-father), got married with Sylvie de Vomecourt (my grand-mother), Denise offered them to come and leave with her at Château du Boisrenault.

They got 3 childs : Olivier, Florence and Véronique.

Sylvie loved decorating the castle, and worked hard on renovating every room. In 1988 she decided to open the castle to guest.

In february 2000, her husband Yves, passes away, and Sylvie decided to stop the bed & breakfast activity. Her daughter Véronique succeed her with her husband Miguel. After 2 years they decided to stop as well.


That's when Florence, my mother, took the activity back for 13 years. In 2016 she left the castle to my sister, Elfie, and I, Colas. Our brother, Marin, still leaves very close to the castle and is taking care of the parc.